Sagacity Services
sagacity  (sə-gās'ĭ-tē)  n.
The quality of being discerning, sound in judgment, and farsighted; wisdom.
Sagacity Services
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About Us

Dr Geoff Haw, Managing Director
D.Arts, M.Ed., Grad. Dipl. Ed. Admin., Cert IV TAA, Cert.A, TPTC, FACE

As someone who’s been around for a good number of years (who’s counting???), it seemed appropriate for Geoff to name his business Sagacity Services, as sagacity (rhymes with capacity) refers to wisdom or discernment: profound knowledge and understanding, coupled with foresight and good judgment, all gained over an extended period.

What does this mean in practice?

Geoff’s extensive experience in leadership and management means that he is well placed to provide support, guidance and assistance to people and organisations through his several well-proven services on offer.

He has extensive experience in and knowledge of contemporary social, employment and personal development issues, and has an excellent reputation as a facilitator and trainer. His international leadership in education has influenced education policy, especially around the vast Asia-Pacific region, through his consultancy work with UNESCO and his leadership and skilful facilitation of seminars, and speaking and writing projects.

In particular, having written several publications and books, Geoff’s written work consistently receives high accolades for clarity and easy reading. He has the ability to analyse current events and put them in the context, so that readers better understand these issues and are able to discuss them with insight.

His skills and experience in recruitment and staff selection can save you many headaches as he works with you to get that job of your dreams. Geoff exudes confidence and the ability to connect very effectively with people. Let’s face it, if you want your staff to gain the most from a training session, you want them to feel that they are directly involved as willing participants.

Geoff is very highly qualified, and remains a currently registered teacher. However, he is also accredited in Certificate IV Training and Assessment, meaning that he is very familiar with the principles of adult learning.

Send an email to Geoff Haw for a quick no-obligation request for more information and quotes, or call Geoff on 03 5998 4932.

Penny Barrington, Director
B.A., Dip. Teaching Primary, Cert. IV Life Coaching, Cert. IV Workplace Assessment & Training, Cert. IV in Business Excellence Evaluation, Distinguished Toast Master.

Penny is a partner and director in Sagacity Services. Her facilitator and coaching services are in communication, especially one-on-one speaking and communication coaching and group courses, assertiveness, Youth Leadership and energy/time management. They are delivered through Capacity Life Coaching as a division of Sagacity Services.

Penny has a varied and broad professional and personal background and likes to be known as a facilitator. This encompasses her roles as a nationally accredited practising life coach, initiate coach with, qualified adult trainer and teacher, professional spruiker and Distinguished Toastmaster.

Other roles have been as a Phys Ed. faculty coordinator, Electorate Officer, Executive Administrator, parent, church, school and community group president, and Federal Electorate chairman, with experiences in Business Excellence Evaluation and teaching gifted children. Somewhere along the journey there were times being a debt chaser, waitress and jillaroo: all great experiences for a life coach.

She loves to connect with all sorts of people based on her passions of all communication skills, leadership qualities and her Youth Leadership Development programs.

She believes that freedom to find joy as responsible, caring, loving and proactive people is an outstanding life issue that most people seek. All we need is to really believe it is possible and achievable.

Penny often asks the question, What can we do to help and serve each other, as opposed to hindering others' progress? Coaching is the opportunity that gave Penny the impetus to work towards answering this question. If everyone felt great about themselves and where they worked, felt pride about the values that they hold with honest and open communication and felt that they had great relationships, imagine how productivity and achievement would increase? Imagine happier places and people everywhere!

Penny knows about overcoming obstacles from upbringing and negative environments, and thus connects with people who are looking to connect with their personal power, to create a better future and achieve more for themselves and others.

Penny is passionate about:
* Speaking as a growth and learning experience
* Communication on all levels, including Assertion;
* Helping young people find their way sooner;
* Living Leadership of self and teams;
* Healthy self-belief and attitudes and a better understanding of our connection with each other;
* Principles and purposes behind what we do; and
* The opportunities for each of us to enjoy the journey on this planet with happiness.

Email a quick no-obligation request for more information and quotes from Penny Barrington, or call her on 03 5998 4932.