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sagacity  (sə-gās'ĭ-tē)  n.
The quality of being discerning, sound in judgment, and farsighted; wisdom.
Sagacity Services
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Books and e-Books

As children, we loved books.


We all know the value of books for young children: reading books to children develops a bond between them and adults, and can most certainly aid development of language, listening and early reading skills.


Despite the age of computers, books are to be treasured as an endless source of relaxation and information.


As adults, we still love books. We love reading them and writing them.


We’d love to share some with you.


Some have been written or compiled by us.


Other e-books have been sourced from other providers, and we think that they offer something to many of our visitors.


People’s tastes and interests vary. We will continue to try to cater for these.


Some people read for entertainment, or to gain knowledge, to be inspired, or perhaps for escape as they become part of the story.


Reading can enable readers to forget problems, as books take you on an adventure.


As they say in the classics, Read on…


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