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sagacity  (sə-gās'ĭ-tē)  n.
The quality of being discerning, sound in judgment, and farsighted; wisdom.
Sagacity Services
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Resumes/Job Applications

Have you ever been ‘caught short’?

You’ve found a job that you so desperately want. It pays more… and your skills will be recognised, with increased responsibilities and status!

But you don’t have a resume… or can’t address the selection criteria.

What can you do? What must you do?

It’s not really very difficult. We can help you to put your best case forward with confidence, showing YOU in the best possible light.

We offer a vast array of job application services, and invite you to become another of our many satisfied and successful applicants.

Eliminate your stress: let us do the difficult work for you and with you. It could make all the difference!

Email a quick no-obligation request for more information and quotes on Resume / Job Applications, or call us on 03 5998 4932.

Go from frustration:






to this confidence!



Working with Geoff not only enabled me to submit a much sharper job application, but also greatly enhanced my confidence levels and ability to articulate my ideas at the interview stage. Throughout the process, I was challenged to clarify my understandings and present them in a way that clearly demonstrated my readiness to take up a Principal position whilst simultaneously learning more about leadership and what it entails ‘on the job’ Working with Geoff was an immensely rewarding professional experience. Cheryl Williams, Principal, Fairhills Primary School.

I felt valued and understood. Your ability to connect with my goals and aspirations was superb – being able to identify my thoughts before I even articulated them. It gave me a sense of personal empowerment and self-belief. The result was way beyond my expectations. With your input my application went from scatty to structured, and from patchy to purposeful. Your flexibility and timeliness of responses, camaraderie and humour were HUGE success factors for me. Gail Innis, IT Manager.

Geoff intuitively knew what I was looking for. He made a point of connecting with my ideas and background, which set me at ease at the very beginning of the process. His professional behaviour reflected his high qualifications. I appreciated his honesty, and suggestions of where improvements could be made, which resulted in very professional presentation and succinct responses to criteria. I was greatly reassured by Geoff’s very quick responses to emails. I probably would not have got better service had I been sitting in a cubicle next to him at work (when in fact I was hundreds of miles away). Christine McKersie, Wycheproof, Principal.

I am astounded by what you have done - the application is still me, with lots of polish and refinement. You’re a champion. Mark Jessup, Highvale SC.

Your advice on interviews definitely helped my confidence levels! Amelia T, North Fitzroy

I am amazed at what you have done and am ever ever so thankful. I appreciate your ‘above and beyond’ effort. The care that you have put into this is worth much more than what money could buy. You're a living legend!!! Danielle Campbell

All questions and enquiries or worries were answered quickly, which helped to calm any concerns I had. It was very helpful to have the process explained and to feel that I could rely on you to lodge my application as well was an added bonus. Your extra tips for the interview were very helpful. You were very positive throughout the whole process. I was very impressed on how the job application flowed. Christine Turner, Berwick, Classroom teacher.