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sagacity  (sə-gās'ĭ-tē)  n.
The quality of being discerning, sound in judgment, and farsighted; wisdom.
Sagacity Services
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Registered Civil Celebrant

Weddings and funerals, or other ceremonies related to peopleís lives, are all about the participants and the memories associated with the events..


As a registered and qualified Celebrant, my task is simply to make sure that everything proceeds smoothly according to family wishes and all details are covered, including all legal requirements. That is my commitment to you.

Weddings to Remember!

I support the concept of a wedding day having a total focus on the happy couple! Itís about you!


Itís uplifting for families to come together to celebrate the public ceremony of two people in love committing to each other.


Itís about the celebrant being prepared in every way. A ceremony might only take 45 minutes, but I give many hours of preparation to ensure that every detail is attended to.


Itís not only getting to know as a couple and designing a ceremony that will reflect your individual preferences and display your happiness that will be memorable and personalised. All legal paper-work will be done according to the requirements of the Attorney-General.


Your ceremony must be free of hitches! You donít want equipment that breaks down, or people not being able to hear clearly, or missing paperwork. Cut-price celebrants can carry risks that you do not want.


Most couples do consult with more than one celebrant before making their final selection, so that they can find the person who best suits them. I respect that.


Unlike many celebrants, I will NOT be harassing or hurrying you to make a decision in my favour. Marriages do not need any high pressure sales strategies! I may make one follow-up call, and then leave it to you, and respect your final choice.


You are very welcome to email me on or phone me on 03 5998 4932  for further discussions.

Funerals with dignity and loving care

Funerals are sad for the living, those of us who are left behind when a loved one departs this world.


Funeral Homes draw from a range of celebrants on their books to conduct the ceremony, selecting a celebrant in whom they have confidence and is Ďrightí for the family and the focus of the funeral. The homes entrust the preparation of the ceremony to the celebrant who plans with the family.


Thatís why I consult with family and friends as appropriate to ensure that the loved oneís final farewell is dignified, caring, loving and respectful, and focuses on the positives of the personís life.


I will visit and support you, as you think through the best way to honour your loved one in a fitting ceremony. I work closely with family, friends and the Funeral Home involved, thus ensuring that all necessary arrangements are in place.


I invite family and friends to be involved in the service. This may be anything as simple as placing some memento on the casket; reading a poem, verse, a religious text or some favourite literature; and some music, to give a few examples. Sometimes, being unsure of their emotions, some people ask me to read written recollections on their behalf. An audio-visual show can also be arranged, featuring your loved oneís life and achievements.


I can help you to write your presentations, putting your words, thoughts and feelings into a simple but elegant tribute, so that when you speak, you will feel calm and natural.


I am always happy to chat with you about these services. You are totally at liberty to ask your Funeral Company to engage me to conduct your ceremony. You are very welcome to email me on or phone me on 03 5998 4932  for further discussions.