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The quality of being discerning, sound in judgment, and farsighted; wisdom.
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Writing: Including a book on your own life

In these computerised days, maybe we don’t use a pen as much, but written communication has become more important than ever.

How would you like to have a booklet published about your life and times to share with your family? Grandchildren love hearing of lifestyles before they were born!

 Perhaps you have to write the Annual Report. Maybe it’s the sales targets for your staff. Do you need to write powerful letters of persuasion? How do you write the prospectus that’s going to bring investors to your ‘gold mine’? What about a media release?

Can you, for that matter, write clear and positive newsletters and correspondence?

You need to know the facts, and then how to write in error-free, neat, flowing sentences that paint a clear picture and that people actually and easily understand exactly what you mean.

We have extensive experience over a lifetime of writing for countless audiences: Letters, newsletters, reports, speeches, articles, reference materials, books…

It might be six or six hundred pages - not a problem!

We even have experience in officially publishing books from beginning to end!

We can prepare keynote speeches or important workplace presentations, based on consultation with you and research of the area being addressed.

We can even prepare PowerPoint presentations with a difference: They’ll be remembered as a headache-free zone, leaving memorable images on people’s minds.

Email us to find out more about our writing services, or call Geoff on 03 5998 4932

Here's a file that explains more about your own life story booklet.

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Read what others are saying:

It is greatly appreciated when the business connection is such that there is clarity and understanding throughout a conversation, as we have had. The strongest factor I found in you was the recognition of integrity when documenting my requirements. You are able to very quickly ‘feel’ my requirements after some briefing notes and a discussion, and through all the times you have written for me, we have always achieved the desired outcomes. John Broons FAIM, CEO, Management Consultants, Dianella, WA.

The result was way beyond my expectations. With your input my entire document went from scatty to structured, and from patchy to purposeful. Gail Innis, IT Manager.



Your draft looks great to me. It really gives a comprehensive framework to fill in the gaps and add the industry context/case studies, etc as we progress. Cathie G. Swinburne University, 12 - 50 Norton Road, CROYDON  VIC  3136 

I couldn’t put it down…I loved the bit of scandal…so funny! KS

There was so much interesting Tasmanian history and insight into life in country Victoria back then! I found it to be an amazing story, showing how travel and customs have changed over the years.  DD

I consider your publication Education for the 21st Century in the Asia-Pacific Region to be the best report of proceedings that I have yet seen … it will long resonate with educators across the Asia-Pacific Region. Don Tinkler, Don E. Tinkler Educational Services, Donvale.

I have read your book and I think that you have done a marvellous job. You have been very thorough and have done things in a most professional manner. It is a terrific example for other writers. John D, Swan Hill

I have just finished reading your article on the conference where you were keynote speaker in Beijing. Very interesting and your comments are spot on.  Suzanne Strangward, Director, Future Problem Solving.

Your media releases make our job so easy. I admire the way in which you include all the key aspects of the stories, and make it flow so easily. It’s got credibility, and is interesting reading for people ‘out there’. Richard P, Mulgrave.

Congratulations on getting your book into print … it certainly is an enticing read!  MP