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sagacity  (sə-gās'ĭ-tē)  n.
The quality of being discerning, sound in judgment, and farsighted; wisdom.
Sagacity Services
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My Book, My Story, My Life!

A personal memento of your life;

A wonderful gift for your family!

Here is a great opportunity to get a booklet published of your own life stories! It could include experiences over many years, photos, exhibits and examples of personal memorabilia. 

Just think of the pride that you could have in giving your own ‘This is My Life’ booklet to family members, grandchildren and friends. The title can be anything that you’d like, and I always have suggestions for you to consider as well.

It’s really quite easy to get your life’s adventures into a book! I can make that happen for you, as I am a very experienced writer with a long track record of publications, backed up by countless accolades from grateful people.

This special project is designed to be a loving tribute to someone special in the family. It would make a wonderful gift – for example, families could facilitate arrangements and payment to senior family members for Christmas, birthday, or any occasion.

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